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Here are all of the audios and recorded songs I have to offer. I always am getting more, so, check back now and again.

As with the videos, I provide comments and ratings on live recordings. Enjoy.
Some recordings, especially POTO, may take a while to locate, but, no worries! :)

 Evil Dead, the Musical
-Original Off-Broadway Cast, unknown date. (A quality) [audio]

 Rocky Horror Show
-Rocky Horror Show, 1975 Australian Cast Live (A+ quality!) [audio]
-Rocky Horror Show UK Tour (7/17/06) [Very good clarity with good audience participation] (A quality) [audio]
-Daphne Rubin-Vega and Joan Jett "Science Fiction" (A quality) [song]
-Broadway on Broadway, 2001. Live performance of Sweet Transvestite and then Time Warp, like the Mega Mixes. (A+ quality) [song]
-The Rocky Horror Show, June 13st, 2007, UK Tour. (A++ quality! Pro recorded, close the the front row!) [Only the songs, missing:: Over at the Frankenstein Place, Sword of Damocles, Once in A While, I'm Going Home, Spaceship, Super Heroes. Still, a very good audio!] [songs]
-Rocky Horror Show, Broadway Revival. 18th May, 2001. Tom Hewitt (Frank N Furter), Jarrod Emick (Brad Majors), Alice Ripley (Janet Weiss), Mark Price (Riff Raff), Aiko Nakasone (Usherette/Magenta), Kristen Lee Kelly (Usherette/Columbia), Sebastian LaCause (Rocky), Lea DeLaria (Eddie/Dr Scott), Dick Cavett (Narrator) (A quality) [audio]- Speech by Richard OBrien after show, talking about release of Cast Album, Tony Nominations, etc. *Rare*
-1990 with Anthony Head as Frank. (B quality) [audio]
-1987 Full Show Soundboard

-Broadway Revival, 2001. Sebastian Bach as RiffRaff. Rest of Broadway Cast. (A++ quality!) [full audio]

-Original Broadway Cast. Tim Curry, Meatloaf, Richard O'Brien, Jaime Donnelly. [A quality] (Audio). 3/14/1975
-Current Sydney, Austrailia Cast. 5/16/08. iOTA as Frank. [A++ quality!] (audio)

+Coleen Sexton and Christina DeCicco, 6/15/06. Full show audio. (A quality). [Green bottle is smashed during Popular, ad-libbing follows. Very funny!) [audio]
-5/29/04. OBC. Galinda's bed is MIA during Popular. Very emotional For Good. Great recording! (A quality) [audio]
-PreBroadway Acoustic Performance. Unknown Date. (A quality) [audio]
-6/4/04. OBC. Funny performance by Kristin, who was "high" on vicodin! (A quality) [audio]
-2/10/07. Shona White (Elphaba), Annalene Beechley (Glinda). (A quality) [audio]
-10/30/06. Idina Menzel (Elphaba), Helen Dallimore (Glinda). Helen's Birthday! Idina laughs uncontrollably through One Short Day- Hilarious Audio! (A quality) [audio]
-2003 San Francisco Preview Cast Audio. (A+ quality) [Audio]

-Shoshana Bean's "No Good Deed" (A quality) [song]
-Idina Menzel's "No Good Deed" [New Lyrics] (A+ quality) [song]
-Idina Menzel & Norbert Leo Butz "As Long as You're Mine" [New Lyrics] (A quality) [song]
-Idina Menzel "The Wizard and I" [New Lyrics] (A+ quality) [song]
-Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth "Defying Gravity" (A+ quality) [song]

-Yassmin Alers and Tony Vincent "Out Tonight/Another Day" (A+ quality) [song]
-Yassmin Alers and Tony Vincent "Without You" (B quality) [song]
-Idina's final performance full show audio. (A- quality)
-RENT: Remixed, first-ever preview. [audio] (A quality)
-New York Theatre Workshop, First Ever Preview. VERY RARE!! *Not for trade by order of the master*
-7/30/07. Rent. Adam Pascal (Roger), Anthony Rapp (Mark). (A quality) [Audio]
-9.7.08. FINAL SHOW! Closing night audio! Will Chase [Roger], Tracie Thoms [Joanne]. Appearances by OBC members. VERY Nice. [audio] (A+ quality)

Les Miserables
-John Owen-Jones as Valjean, Cornell John as Javert, Kerry Ellis as Fantine, Hayden Tee as Eponine, Julia Möller as Cosette, Shonagh Daly as Marius, Shaun Escoffery as Enjolras, Christopher Key (2nd u/s) as Thenardier, Claire Moore as Mme. Thenardier

Little Shop of Horrors
-9/2001. Anthony Rapp as Seymour. US Tour. (A quality) [audio]

Lord of the Rings
-6/28/07. OLC. (A quality, but quiet.) [tracked audio in 3 ".rar chapters'']
-7.21.07. OLC. (A quality) [audio]

Shrek the Musical
-Unknown date. Brian D'Arcy James (Shrek). (A- quality) [audio]

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
-Michael Cerveris as Hedwig. 12/19/99. Closing Night! (A quality) [audio]

Phantom of the Opera
-Yeston/Kopit's PHANTOM with Kristin Chenoweth as Christine. (A quality) [audio in 6 parts]
-JOJ and Nicky Adams and Ramin Karimloo, full show. (A quality) [June 18th 2004]--Famous unmasking scene! JOJ curses at Nicky! [audio]
-Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton. 9/26/1986. Original Preview in London. (A quality). [audio]
-Anthony Crivello, Elisabeth Loycano, Tim Martin Gleason. 7/1/06. At the Venetian. (A+ quality). [audio]
-Colm Wilkinson, Sarah Brightman, Clive Carter. July 1985. Original Sydmonton try outs! Very rare! (A quality) [Act 1 Only!]
-Peter Karrie, Deborah Dutcher, Robert Finlayson. 11/11/2000. Manchester, 2nd UK Tour. (A quality) [audio]
-Mark McKerracher, Nikki Ankara, Mike Sterling. 1995. Manchester, UK Tour. (A quality) [audio]
-Earl Carpenter, Celia Graham, David Shannon. 12/21/05. (A+ quality!) [audio]
-JOJ, Deborah Dutcher, Matthew Cammelle. 1/5/02. VERY RARE. (A quality) [audio]
-Matthew Cammelle, Rachel Barrel. Date unknown. (A+ quality!) [audio]
-Tim Martin Gleason, Susan Owen, Stephen R Bruntrock. Broadway. (STUNNING A+ quality). [audio]
-Dave Willets, Jan Hartley-Morris, Michael Ball. 7/15/1987. Soundboard.
-Peter Hofmann, Anne Maria Kaufmann, Hartwig Rudolz. Hamburg, Germany. (C quality but VERY RARE) [audio]
-Saulo Vasconcelos, Iresma Terrazas, Jose Joel. Mexico City, 1999. (A++ quality!!) [audio]
-Anthony Warlow, Maree Johnson, Dale Burridge. Australia, December 1990. (A quality) [audio]
-John Cudia, Marie Danvers, Jim Weitzer. 3rd National Tour, 4/11/06. (A quality) [audio] {I was there while this was filmed! I had tickets for the same date!}
-Juan Carlos Barona, Julia Moller, Armando Pita. Madrid, 2003. Soundboard.
-Luis Amando, Felicidad Farag, Zenon Recalde. Madrid, 2003. Soundboard.
-Brad Little, Lisa Vroman, Tim Martin Gleason. 11/19/03 in LA. (A quality) [audio]
-Gary Mauer, Beth Southard, John Cudia. 12/18/05 Cincinnati, Ohio. Evening performance. (A quality) [audio] (phlub by Cudia)
-Kevin Gray, Dodie Petit (Gray's Wife), Keith Buterbaugh. 2nd National Tour 6/26/92. (B quality) [audio]
-Rob Lorey, Sarah Lawrence. 1/27/07. Closing Night. (A quality) [audio]
-June 31 2000 Hamburg Germany. (Unknown Quality). [audio] RARE
-9/27/96. O'Leary, Joseph, and Mauer. (A quality) [audio]
-8/10/05. Cast Unknown. (A quality) [audio]
-Unknown Date. Michael Crawford's final performance! (A- quality) [audio]
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Sweeney Todd
-1979 OBC Soundboard. Len Cariou (Sweeney Todd), Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Lovett). (A quality) [audio]
-11/2/1999. Virginia- US Tour. Unknown Cast. (A quality) [audio]
-6/6/2002. Kennedy Center. Brian Stokes Mitchell (Todd), Christine Baranski (Lovett). (A quality) [audio]
-2001 live. Patti LuPone (Lovett), George Hearn (Todd). (A+ quality) [ripped from DVD]
-1982. Angela Lansbury (Lovett), George Hearn (Todd). (A+ quality) [ripped from DVD]

The Little Mermaid
-Original Denver Preview (7/26/06). Sierra Boggess (Ariel), Sherie Rene Scott (Ursula), etc. OBC. (A quality) [audio]
-Broadway, 5/18/08. Cicely Daniels (Ursula u/s). (A quality) [audio]

Young Frankenstein
-10/16/2007. OBC. (A quality) [audio]

-11/9/07. Off Broadway. Hunter Foster (Victor), Christiane Noll (Elizabeth), Steve Blanchard (The Creature). (A quality) [audio]

Unknown cast or date. (A quality) [untracked audio]
-Unknown date. Frank Wildhorn's Dracula:: Tom Hewitt (Dracula). Melissa Errico (Mina). [A+ quality] (audio)

-London, 7/1/05. (A quality) [audio]

-Original Broadway Cast Soundboard, date unknown. (A- quality) [soundboard]

-6/?/84. (Broadway) Laurie Beechman (Grizabella), Terrence Mann (Rum Tum Tugger), Kevin Marcum (Old Deuteronomy), Claude R. Tessier (Munkustrap), Herman W. Sebek (Mistoffelees), Timothy Jerome (Bustopher Jones/Gus/Growltiger), Anna McNeely (Jennyanydots), Marlene Danielle (Bombalurina), Jane Bodle (Demeter), Bonnie Simmons (Jellylorum/Griddlebone), Joe Antony Cavise (Coricopat/Mungojerrie), Paige Dana (Etcetera/Rumpleteazer), Brian Sutherland (Alonzo), Steve Gelfer (Carbucketty), Christina Kumi Kimball (Cassandra), Scott Wise (Plato/Macavity/Rumpus Cat). (A quality--very good for the age!) [audio]
-UK Tour. Bristol. 6/24/06. Dianne Pilkington as Grizabella. (A quality) [audio]

Jekyll & Hyde [Frank Wildhorn's]
-10.14.00. (Broadway). Sebastian Bach (Jekyll/Hyde), Coleen Sexton (Lucy), Andrea Rivette (Emma). [audio] (A- quality)
-2006. (Resurrection Concert). Rob Evan (Jekyll/Hyde), Kate Shindle (Lucy), Brandi Burkhart (Emma). [audio] (A quality)