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New to Trading?

We are all new at one point, and it can be very discouraging; trying to trade with a small list while others' eclipse you. I used to, and sometimes still, hate it. For those of you new to trading, here are some pointers, to steer you in the right direction.

-First off, be polite in your email/IM/etc to the trader you are contacting. Start wth a friendly greeting, say 'thanks,' etc. Don't be trite and rude, or else you will get a bad rep first thing.
-Make sure to specify what you want, but do not specify what you are willing to trade. Traders hate to hear "I will trade this for that" unless they are trading rare things. It sounds very demanding.
-In you list, be sure to be as specific as possible. Include dates, casts, etc in a coherent way, to make trading easier.
-It is considered polite to, once initiating a trade, send your link over first, before receiving what you asked for, to ensure your veracity. Some traders may not require this, but, it shows you are honest. The only exceptions are if you are trading rare things, or if you feel apprehensive of the trader. But do not make it a habit. In turn, ask those contacting you to send their links first.
-Network yourself! Ask people to include you in their 'fellow trader' lists! Post your links in LJ communities, on YouTube, etc. The more places you are, the more traders you will get contacting you.
-Do not pester traders! If a trader denies you what you want, move on. You will get nowhere continually asking.
-Talk to other traders. If you are cheated, let others know!
-Be generous. If you are a good trader, you will surely get more requests than a hostile one.
-Wait around 5 days before re-emailing someone. Some traders are very busy and it takes a while to satisfy all requests. Be patient!


The following links are gifts from me to you, found on several different sites (mostly TSS forum), gifted to the public. If you are a master or would like these removed, please let me know!
They are for anyone who wants them, so, feel free! Mostly, they are for new traders so you can start a collection. Email me if taking, and please credit this site on your own site. Abuse of these gifts will have them taken down. Do not come to my site, looking to trade, only to find one of these and take them without at least thanking or crediting me. That is very rude. Like I said, abuse will result in no gifts. Few traders do this, so, count it a privelege.

Also! Here is a tip! Once your download limit exceeds for, go to Type in the URL in the box and it acts like Premium!

Spring Awakening | Broadway
February 10, 2007
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3
Part 4.
Jonathan Groff - Melchior
John Gallagher, Jr - Moritz
Lea Michele - Wendla
Skylar Astin - Georg
Lilli Cooper - Martha
Gideon Glick - Ernst
Brian Johnson - Otto
A- quality, not bad video at all. Some slight obstruction or wash-out, but infrequent.
Wicked | Broadway
part 1/4:
part 2/4:
part 3/4:
part 4/4:
Eden Espinosa (Elphaba),
Kate Reinders (Glinda),
Derrick Williams (Fiyero),
Jenna Leigh Green (Nessarose)
David Garrison (Wizard),
Gaelen Gilliland* (Morrible),
Robb Sapp (Boq)
A quality. Truly a great recording with great close-ups and wonderfully clear picture.
The Producers | Broadway
Act 1
Act 2
John Treacy Egan
Hunter Foster
Lee Roy Reams
A quality, limited obstruction and wash-out.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
DVD rip.
Whole DVD:
DVDrip, so, perfect quality.
Legally Blonde | Broadway
Act 1:
Act 2:
Unviewed, but, apparently A quality.
Wicked | Broadway
part 1:
part 2:
Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda)
Stephanie and Annaleigh's final performace.
A quality with great picture.
Gypsy Revival | Broadway
Gypsy 3.25.08 1:
Gypsy 3.25.08 2:
Gypsy 3.25.08 3:
Gypsy 3.25.08 4:
Gypsy 3.25.08 5:
Gypsy 3.25.08 6:
Gypsy 3.25.08 7:
Gypsy 3.25.08 8:
Gypsy 3.25.08 9:
HJSplit to Combine.
Patti LuPone and Revival Cast.
A quality. Occasional blackouts in the beginning, but then crystal clarity. Railing in the way for wider shots, but mostly an amazing video.