Cody's Trading Site




I have no problem trading the materials I have, as long as the trades are equal and fair.I will usually refer to my materials with the following terminology:

 Song Audios: selected songs I have recorded, and not the entire show itself
Audios: entire shows recorded (sound only)
Clips: certain recorded scenes of a show, and not the entire show
Videos/Bootlegs: entire shows recorded
I do not have any specific trading system. I can usually find something I want on any list, since I am a musical whore. Just send me your list and I will look for something I am interested in. My list is always expanding, so, check back often.

 I prefer that all files I am sent are able to be played in Windows Media Player, as I hate Real Player and it always messes up my computer. If you can convert for me, thank you! If not, it isn't a necessity.

ALSO::: Certain links, especially to Phantom of the Opera videos and audios, may have been deleted from MegaUpload (the main site I use), due to inactivity. While I will try my best to find any deleted links, I may not be able to retain them all. If this happens, please bear with me and we will work something out! I promise! :)

I also update the video section to include videos marked as Limited Trade. These videos can, of course, be suggested for trade, but, I require something I really want in exchange. Most things on the site are average, though, so, feel free to look around.

One important thing, and my final rule:

I Only Do Online Trades. I will NEVER ask for addresses or suchlike, and likewise do not expect you to do so to me. If you do not wish to trade online (through the sending of links from upload sites like megaupload, etc.) then I do not wish to trade with you.

Also, since I have been unfairly cheated several times in my trading history, I request that all traders follow these steps when they wish to trade with me:

-Contact me with what you want from me, what you have to offer, etc.
-Once we establish contact, I will tell you what I want of your's. Please upload it to megaupload, or a similar file-sharing website, and send me the link, preferrably in a zipped/WinRar/.rar folder.
-In return, I will send you my link.
-I will NEVER send you my link before receiving your's unless the circumstances are very irregular. I have been cheated to many times, and do not wish for it to happen again. (Especially now, more than ever. There will be NO exceptions for this rule. I MUST get your link FIRST). I PROMISE that you will receive your links as soon as I am able to send them in return- I have been trading for some time now and have many trading partners to back my credibility up with.
 -If you do not hear back from me within a week, PLEASE send me a little reminder!

Please and thank you.

And enjoy!