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Phantom of the Opera videos [online/VOBs]

Phantom of the Opera
+Phantom, The Las Vegas Spectacular (8.28.06)

Cast: Anthony Crivello (Phantom), Elizabeth Loyacano (Christine), Tim Martin Gleason (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A/A+ (Some scenes are great while others are just average) | Sound= A+

Comments: This is a very good quality bootleg of the show, with great up-closes of the actors.
+Phantom, The Las Vegas Spectacular (Dates Unknown)
Cast: Brent Barret (Phantom), Sierra Boggess (Christine), Time Martin Gleason (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A- (can be a little fuzzy/blurry sometimes, but there are some great close-ups!) | Sound= A

Comments: A great, powerful performance by the whole cast, of course. The recorder was a few rows back, and yet manages to get good, clear picture for the most part. As with all POTO performances in Las Vegas, this performance is very different from the NYC and UK version. The chandelier assembling in the beginning, and replica of the opera house that bridges Acts I and II are ingenius!
+Gary Mauer and Elizabeth Southard's final performance (4/6/06) Nation Tour--Dallas, Texas

 Cast: Gary Mauer (Phantom), Elizabeth Southard (Christine), Jum Weitzer (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A

Comments: A great fare-well performance by both Gary and Liz. Whoever filmed this also included opticals and transition effects. Very nice.

Cast: Howard McGillin (Phantom), Adrienne McEwan (Christine), Jim Weitzer (Raoul)

Ratings:  Visual= A- | Sound= A+

Comments: This video can be kind of blurry and fuzzy, but the sound is perfect.
 +Broadway, 7/16/05
 Cast: Hugh Panaro (Phantom), Rebecca Pitcher (Christine), Tim Martin Gleason (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual = A/A+ | Sound= A+

Comments: This is a very good recording, both sound and picture wise. Some scenes are better than others, but, ultimately, the whole thing is VERY good quality. Highlights.
+John Owen Jones's final performance (2/26/05)
Cast: John Owen Jones (Phantom), Rachel Barrel (Christine) Oliver Thorton (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A

Comments: A powerful, stunning, passionate performance by JOJ in his farewell show.
+London (2/26/06) *Limited Trade*
Cast: Matthew Cammelle (Phantom), Rachell Barrell (Christine), David Shannon (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A+ | Sound= A+

Comments: A VERY clear recording, near DVD quality! Limited trade only! (Performance is missing All I Ask Of You Reprise, and Point of No Return.) 
+US Tour
Cast: Kevin Gray (Phantom), Teri Bibb (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A+ | Sound= A+

Comments: A sepia-like picture, but very good quality. Highlights of only The Mirror, Phantom of the Opera, Stranger Than You Dreamt It All I Ask of You Reprise with Chandelier Crash, Wandering Child, Point of no Return, and Final Lair scene
 +October 7th, 2003

Cast: Hugh Panaro (Phantom), Julie Hanson (Christine), Jim Weitzer (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A

Comments: Overall, a very good performance by the whole cast.
+Hungarian Production, dates unknown. 

Cast: Zoltàn Miller (Phantom), Linda Király (Christine)

Ratings: I have not yet viewed this performance.

Comments: I have not yet viewed this performance.
+ November 19, 2003. 3rd National Tour.

 Cast: Brad Little (Phantom), Lisa Vroman (Christine), Tim Martin Gleason (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A-/A | Sound= A+

Comments: Very nice performance. Probably my favorite Music of the Night.
+February 4th, 2006
Cast: Earl Carpenter (Phantom), Rachel Barrel (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A-/A+ | Sound= A+

Comments: Nice, clear video. Highlights only (Auction/Chandelier Raise, Think of Me, Angel of Music, the Mirror, title song, Music of the Night, Stranger than you Dreamt it, Magical Lasso, All I Ask of You/Reprise with Chandelier Crash, Masquerade, Don Juan Rehearsals, Wishing You were Somehow Here Again, Wandering Child, Point of no Return, Down Once More/Final lair.
Cast: Howard McGillin (Phantom), Elizabeth Southard (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A- | Sound= A

Comments: A nice, good quality performance.
Cast: John Cudia (Phantom), Jennifer Hope Willis (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A-

Comments: An enchanting performance by the entire cast with a nice, clear picture. Begins in the middle of Hannibal Rehearsals. I was at this performance, so, it holds sentimental value for me! :)
+6/5/06. US Tour, Kalamazoo
Cast: John Cudia (Phantom), Sarah Lawrence (Christine), Jim Weitzer (Raoul)

Ratings: Visual= A- | Sound= A

Comments: A clear picture with very good clarity and head-shots.
+1992, Canada

Cast: Colm Wilkinson (Phantoms)

Ratings: Visual= B- | Sound= A

Comments: Highlights only. Roughly 50 minutes long. Contains most major song numbers. A sepia-hue to whole video.

Cast: JOJ (Phantom), Rachell Barrel (Christine), Oliver Thorton (Raoul):: London

Ratings: Visual= A+ | Sound= A

Comments: A pro-shot video, with amazing clarity. Restrict view of stage, shot from balcony. Near DVD clarity in most parts.
+Unknown Date
Cast: Paul Stanley (Phantom)

Ratings: Visual= A- | Sound= B

Comments: Not a bad performance but I do not like Paul in this role.
+ 1999 Belgium (Antwerpen)
Cast: hans Peter Janssens (Phantom), Inneke vanKliken (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A

Comments: Great quality, slightly restricted view. Great close-ups, near-DVD quality. No picture during Wandering Child, though.
+1995 Toronto Highlights
Cast: Chris Groenendaal (Phantom), Teresa deZarn (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A

Comments: One hour of highlights. Not bad quality.
+US Tour, 1999. Salt Lake City.
Cast: Ian Jon Bourg/ Brad Little (Phantom), Rebecca Pitcher (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A- | Sound= A

Comments: Compiling performances. About 80 mins long. Ian as both Andre and Phantom, with Brad as Phantom when Ian plays Andre.
+Essen, Germany. 12.17.05
Cast: Thomas Borchert (Phantom), Anne Goerner (Christine).

Ratings: Visual= A- | Sound= A

Comments: Not a bad performance.
+Unknown Date.
Cast: Unknown.

Ratings: Unviewed.

Comments: Takarazuka Highlights.
+Unknown Date. Matinee.

Cast: Hugh Panaro (Phantom)

Ratings: Visual= A | Sound= A+
Comments: From what I gather, a very rare. video.
Cast: Hugh Panaro (Phantom), Rebecca Pitcher (Christine)

Ratings: Visual= A+ | Sound= A+

Comments: A great clarity video, with hardly ANY obstruction and no wash-out. The first video ever filmed of this cast!
+Phantom of the Opera cartoon

By Emerald City Cinemas, I believe.

A very nice cartoon that remains very faithful to the book. Now very rare. From the 80's. A definite treat! (Might take a while to send all links-- video has to be reuploaded to my PC...Give me a day or so)
+BBC Documentary:: Behind the Mask

Comments: The original 90 minute documentary chronicling the ascent of ALW's PotO.